Founded in 2009, A1 Art Consultation is an enterprising contemporary and commercial art organization. Our work as storytellers and art consultants spans all commercial sectors and we help brands weave art packages that align best with their own unique brand story and design.For our team at A1 every day is a cross-functional collaboration, where we work closely with like-minded artists, designers, and fabricators to create unique art experiences for our clients. Together, with our ability to understand the industry demands; we co-create and offer bespoke artworks and objects of fine artistry relevant to today’s contemporary and fresh aesthetic.

Saleh AlShukairi

CEO And the Founder
Calligrapher, Artist and Sculptor

Ahoud AL Amri

Creative Director / Project Management

Mohammed Al Habsi

Senior Art Consultant / Project Support

Adnan AL Raeisi

Art Consultant

Mishal AL Maashari

Senior Art Consultant / Project Assistant

Marwan AL Yahyaei

IT & Technical Support Manager