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We understand how every project has its unique set of requirements.

  • Accessories and styling elements.
  • Art solutions for space activation and events.
  • Contemporary art in variety of mediums.
  • Commissioned artworks on canvas.
  • Digital art.
  • Fine art prints and photography.
  • Floor and wall sculptures and decorative. 8- Objects.
  • Framing solutions.
  • Kinetic art.
  • Murals.
  • Original paintings.
  • Public art sculpture.
  • Sculptures.
  • Urban wall murals and street art.
  • Wall and ceiling installations.


In order to provide a comprehensive artwork package with high-quality concepts, we start with research to understand the brand’s vision and expectations. Keeping into consideration the overall project goals, we help develop appropriate storylines and narratives unique to the space and its user experience.


During our subsequent interactions with clients, architects, and designers we start to define concept ideas and ideal artwork placement for the project. Using this collaborative approach, we integrate artworks by analyzing form and function to achieve a desired selection.


We dive further into the project and propose a broader range of artworks that match and relate to the brand’s unique image. Having now developed a detailed vision of the art package and its visual identity, we gain and communicate a holistic understanding of the art objects and its influence within the space.


To act as a bridge between the artistry and fabrication, we present necessary details and documentation pertaining to artwork composition, production, dimensions, framing, and speciality features that enhance each individual piece for it to work collectively within the space.


From the final selections, we commission artworks from our large resource pool of trusted and professional artists, craftmen and production experts. We manage the entire process to ensure our clients receive exactly what they envision while working very closely with emerging and established artists based in the region and internationally.


We support the entire process of installation whereby the appointed installation team is guided throughout by one of our project art consultants. We manage the artwork inventory and delivery program whilst also overseeing on-site conditions for appropriate artwork positioning and placement.


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